Market Tour and Cooking Class with Lunch

Tuesday through Friday and weekends on special request
Available year round by reservation
9:30 am to 3:00 pm
195 euros per person

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Food offers us the quickest way to experience another culture.

Jump into daily life in Paris with a visit to the open-air market followed by a hands-on cooking class and a four-course lunch paired with wine.

Depending on the day of the week, we will meet either at the Marché de Saxe-Breteuil or the Marché de Grenelle, both lively and bustling neighborhood markets where we will select our ingredients. During the visit, we will discuss the rituals of the market and the art of selecting the best products available. I will also answer any of your food questions, shed light on many of the little food curiosities (why are the chickens sold with their heads on!?) and introduce ingredients and products that you may not have yet encountered.

The classes take place in renovated 18th c townhouse, located in the 7th arrondissement around the corner from the Eiffel tower and a short walk from either market. Back in the kitchen, we will prepare lunch together. I will share cooking tips and techniques as we bring together our meal. Menus are inspired by what is best and seasonal in the market. Recipes are kept simple and designed for the home cook. After our class we will sit down to a leisurely lunch accompanied by several different wines.
The classes are kept small, no more than 6 people. The market tour starts at 9:30 a.m. and lunch generally finish around 3:00 p.m. The classes are taught in English.

After a day in a French home you will have a deeper knowledge not only of French cuisine but many aspects of life in France and take home recipes that you will cook and enjoy again and again.

Evening Classes with Dinner

Tuesday and Thursday, other evenings on special request
Available year round by reservation
5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
210 euros per person, minimum 2 people

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Round out your day in Paris with a cooking class and 5 five-course dinner. The hands-on class starts at 5h30pm with an apératif before we begin to cook our way through a menu inspired by the seasons. We will then sit down for a relaxed dinner accompanied by a different wine for each course.


Cheese and wine course

Available year round by reservation
two-hour tasting course (please contact to determine schedule)
90 euros per person, minimum 2 people

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The diversity of French cheese is astonishing – and occasionally daunting.  Standing in the cheese shop can often leave you with an overwhelming feeling of having no idea where to begin! This extraordinary plentitude that excites the culinary imagination and stimulates the palate can confuse or bewilder even the most seasoned foodie! As curious and adventurous as you might be, it is helpful to have some sense of what to expect when jumping into a food experience—especially a French cheese experience!

The two-hour tasting course is designed to help you negotiate your way through some of the most flavorsome French cheeses, introducing you to the cheese making techniques that result in the different family of cheeses.  Knowing the characteristics of the cheese families will help you to judge what sort of flavor to expect from a cheese just by looking at it.   Along the way there will be plenty of hints and tips for buying, storing and creating the perfect cheese platter as well as some useful French cheese vocabulary to you can use in your next trip to the fromagerie.

The course will start off with a visit to a local cheese shop before heading back to the table to nibble our way through 6 different cheeses paired with 3 types of wine.  You will learn a lot about cheese, how to match it with the right wine styles and take home the confidence to go cheese shopping like a native Parisian!

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