Chef Services

Are you hosting a cocktail party, a meal for family or friends, a casual buffet or a corporate function? There is a simple and stress-free solution.

For the past 20 years, I have been working as a private chef creating memorable culinary experiences for my clients’ special events. My cooking is based on seasonal ingredients combined with favourite recipes from my kitchen in Paris and from around the world. All tailor-made menus are fresh, unique and prepared from scratch to accommodate each client’s taste, style and budget. Whether its sandwiches and soup for the Boy Scout troop or an elegant four course dinner for the boss, I work directly with you to ensure every event has the perfect menu and service.

Prepared food can be dropped off with reheating and plating instructions or can be prepared on location in your home, or where ever you are entertaining, and served by a professional wait staff.

Catered events for every occasion:

  • Cocktail/ Dinatoires
  • Small and large lunches or dinner parties
  • Cold or hot buffets
  • Weddings and corporate events
  • Drop off or full service catering

Prices are on a per person basis which includes initial client consultation, customized menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food delivery and/or in house preparation, and, of course, kitchen clean-up. Wait staff and equipment hire can also be arranged as necessary at an additional cost.

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